Moving Tips And Tricks Go A Long Way To Helping With Relocation

If asked what events in their lives top the list for being the most stressful and challenging, a majority of people will answer that moving day takes the cake.

Unfortunately, the head spinning syndrome is one that cannot be avoided when it comes to household relocation.

However, the good news is that there are several moving tips and tricks to follow in order to make the entire moving process more speedy and smooth instead of long and arduous.

Checking to make sure all items are organized and packed is only one of the things to remember when moving.

Tips for moving house encompass everything from how to pack all those items in the correct manner to minimize the risk of damage, to how a family pet should be treated on the day of the big move, to the kinds of chores the children can complete without getting in the middle of the fray.

What is one of the most useful tips for moving with kids that will both minimize their stress and inject a little fun into the relocation process at the same time?

In addition to gathering together their own belongings, assigning the children to write their names and new address on all the moving boxes is an effective way for them to start becoming familiar with and eventually committing to memory this vital residential information.

And, those families with a dog or a cat can ask the children to watch out for the beloved animal amidst all the moving pandemonium – a tactic that will instill responsibility into the adolescents as well as help the adults at the same time since a four-legged creature will then not be underfoot to disrupt the relocation agenda.

Another one of the tips for relocating involves the phone book, and the importance of having one handy while moving.

It may seem obsolete to keep the most recent volume of the yellow pages when the internet contains all the same information. But, online services are not always already set up the very day a person moves to his new place, which makes the phone book a necessity at that point.

What other packing and moving tips should a relocating person keep in mind?

Home moving guides unanimously agree that the clock starts ticking on the moving timeline at least one month before the date the person begins living in his or her new location. Therefore, one key way to prepare for moving is to avoid procrastination at all costs and pay close attention to the time line.

Those who have ever moved before are the first to give details on how they learned this lesson the hard way when seeing that waiting until the last minute is a precursor to disaster – as a lack of prior preparation leads to lost valuable and/or sentimental items, or a crucial task overlooked altogether due to the frenzied pace of the day.

Packing the right way is next on the list when it comes to lessening the chaos.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as having too many boxes.

Multiple boxes achieve the goal of packing organization, which makes it much less of a challenge to find things later on. Also, if each box is packed more lightly without every possible item crammed in, the box has a lesser chance of breaking and damaging the contents inside as a result.

Second, it is not necessary to add the fees of buying boxes to the overall total cost of relocating.

How can a person move without having to make this purchase to get the job done?

The local grocery store has a supply of boxes that were previously used for that store’s food deliveries. And, the store’s staff is more than happy to help collect these boxes for moving purposes if someone asks them to do so. Thus, purchasing boxes becomes an extra expense that can easily be avoided.

Despite the careful organization and number of boxes used to complete the move, there are still going to be those items that take awhile to unearth.

Instead of doing a frantic search for one of these “hidden” objects, packing a duffel bag with favorite or needed items is the way to go.

But, it doesn’t have to be a stress-inducing situation as long as a specific guideline is followed: in addition to the favorite or needed items, pack the clothing each person will need for a three-day-only period. Not only does this approach make it hassle-free to get dressed in the morning, it also accelerates the unpacking process since no one will want to be without clean clothes after those allotted three days.

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